A well-versed photographer living in Sacramento, California, Eyragon Eidam focuses his talent on portraiture, special events and occasions, commercial, still life, and landscape photography.

Eyragon’s interest in photography began at an early age with the discovery of his parents’ old Minolta SLR film camera.  Soon after a natural familiarization with this camera and others, he commenced his study of all styles of photography.  When he crossed a particular style that he liked, he would work to recreate it in his own photos through the process of “reverse engineering.”

His low-key personality allows him to get the shots flashy photographers may otherwise miss.  When out photographing, he prefers to be less of a participant and more of an observer of the human condition and the environment, which is an advantage for him as a photographer.

Photography gives Eyragon the ability to show people and clients the way the world looks to him through his lens.  It is also a great feeling for him to introduce people to the way he sees them when he takes their portraits.

Of course, his dream job is within the field of photography.  He dreams of being waist deep in mud and only a few easy feet away from a dangerous man eating animal; he aspires to become a National Geographic photographer.

By using some of the finest professional photographic equipment, Eyragon has the ability to bring the studio to the client, offering convenience along with an exceptional finished product.  No matter the size or time length of a job, his photojournalistic style captures the essence of any project he takes on with integrity and artistry.

© 2010 All Content of Eyragon Eidam Photography


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